Club station VE7GOG nestled behind waterfront heritage fisheries buildings on Parks Canada Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site looking south towards Steveston Harbour..

RARC Field Day 2018
At Club Station VE7GOG
On Gulf of Georgia Cannery Site

This Field Day,, Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) will be testing emergency radio communications as well as showcasing different aspects of the Amateur radio hobby from its club station VE7GOG situated on the grounds of Parks Canada Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site in Steveston, Richmond on the weekend of June 23-24 from 11 AM Saturday to 11 AM Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon of June 23, visitors in the Steveston Village area will be able to drop by the station to see how radio contacts are made by bouncing signals off satellites using handheld antennas, send Morse code, try Amateur radio direction finding (ARDF) with special 80m receivers, send messages using the club’s emergency go-kit, or watch RARC members make radio contacts across North America on different HF frequency bands.    

Field Day at the club station VE7GOG is an opportunity for RARC members to:
- Test capabilities of the club’s radio station and its communications equipment,
- Inform the public about Amateur radio in emergency communications, and
- Demonstrate different activities in the Amateur radio hobby.

Successful 2018 Swap Meet and
Emergency Communications Display
Sets Stage for 2019 Event

In spite of the torrential downpour early Saturday morning on April 7th, hundreds of Amateur radio enthusiast attended RARC's second annual Swap Meet and Emergency Communication Display that featured a broader array of communica-tions vehicles; this year representing Vancouver (VECTOR), Surrey (SEPAR) and the Canadian Armed Forces (39 Service Battalion). There were also radio go-kit exhibits inside by groups from as far away as Abbotsford (AARESS).

Vendors and attendees from across the Lower Mainland created a venue for great face-to-face interaction amongst a crowd that usually communicates on the air. We were informed that the Mayor (of Richmond) made a brief, personal visit and a few city councillors were also at the event. Councillor Linda McPhail 'tweeted' "there's lots to see and learn" at the event.

It took many to make such an event possible: the attendees, vendors, exhibitors, the donors of giveaways and $1400+ value in door prizes, and all the RARC members who volunteered to help with planning and running the event. The aim of the event is to promote awareness of Amateur radio's role in emergency communications. More recap and photos are on the events page.

Proud winner of grand door prize, Larry Lee, receiving Icom ID-4100A D-STAR Mobile Duo-Band transceiver presented by Paul Veel, Amateur Sale Manager of Icom Canada.

Iveco VM90 from 39 Service Battalion of Canadian Armed Forces with Surrey Emergency Program Amateur Radio (SEPAR) trailer at other end of parking lot. The outside display of communications vehicles was joined by the Community Emergency Response Vehicle (CERV) from Vancouver Emergency Community Telecomm. Org. (VECTOR) (beyond left of photo).

Congratulations to New Members
for Obtaining Basic Qualifications

Congratulations to 2018 RARC radio course students for obtaining their Basic Qualifications after writing their exam on Mar. 17th. This year's class not only achieved the highest overall average score in recent years but also has the highest percentage of Basic with Honours qualifications. A big thank you to our eight-member faculty of instructors taking part in teaching the course, and special thanks to Vancity Blundell for providing the Community Stage for the classes.

A Part of the Richmond
Community Since 1966

The Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) is a registered BC Society of volunteers to promote the interests of Amateur Radio, assist in the provision of communication services in the event of an emergency, and provide communications for public community events as requested. RARC is a supporter of Emergency Management BC and Richmond Emergency Programs, and an affiliated club with Radio Amateurs of Canada. Programs for RARC are partially funded by grants from City of Richmond and Province of BC. Visit 'About RARC' for more info about the club and RARC's history.

A Technical Hobby and
Community Service

Amateur radio is a technical hobby as well as a community service. One can contact the International Space Station using a homebuilt antenna or volunteer to provide radio communication support for a local emergency program. The fascination of Amateur radio has led skilled hobbyists to develop cutting edge technologies like APRS using the GPS to turn your radio into a location tracker. Amateur radio isa hobby that's regulated both nationally and internationally. This is why your call sign is recognized all over the world and can be used as your vehicle's licence plate. Visit club 'Activities' to see how RARC supports local community events.


NEWS RELEASE - June 6, 2018
RARC Field Day at GOG Cannery

PROGRAM - Action Plan


June 23-24, 2018 - Field Day Weekend
This year at club station VE7GOG,
Gulf of Georgia Cannery site next to parking lot, Steveston Viillage, Richmond, BC

June 27, 2018 - Monthly Club Meeting
7 pm to 9 pm, Steveston Community Centre
July 1, 2018 - Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day Parade - Set up, Parade, Booth
6:00 am to 8:30 am for parade set up
8:30 am to noon for Parade Route Marshals
10 am to 5 pm for Trade Show booth

July 11, 2018 - Canada Day Parade Debrief
7 to 9 pm (location tbc)

July 25, 2018 - Monthly Club Meeting
7 to 9 pm (location tbc)

Aug. 28, 2018 - Monthly Club Meeting
7 pm to 9 pm (location tbc)

Sept. 26, 2018 - Monthly Club Meeting
7 pm to 9 pm, Steveston Community Centre
Oct. 31, 2018 - Monthly Club Meeting
7 pm to 9 pm, Steveston Community Centre

Prize winners and more photos
on event page



Club Call Signs:
VE7RAR - primary call sign
VE7RMD - VHF and UHF repeaters
VE7GOG - Station at Parks Canada Gulf of Georgia Cannery Natl. Historic Site

Radio Coordinates:
LOC: CN89jd (VE7GOG station)
ITU Zone: 2,  CQ Zone: 3
ARRL/RAC Section: BC

Regular Monthly Meetings:
Every last Wed. except Dec. at 7:00 pm
Steveston Community Centre

Weekly Coffee Get-Together:
Sat. mornings 10:30 am to noon
Lansdowne Centre Food Court

Weekly VHF Repeater Net:
Tuesdays at 7 pm on 147.140 MHz

VHF Repeater:
VE7RMD 147.140 MHz
+600 kHz offset, 79.7 Hz tone

UHF Repeater:
VE7RMD 442.375 MHz
+5 MHz offset, 203.5 Hz tone

Mailing address:
Richmond Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 88061
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada  V6X 3T6


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